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Author Guidelines

The article is submitted in the original language (Ukrainian or English).

The publishing is free fot Authоrs.

The volume of the main text of the article (without abstract and references) should be at least 10 pages.

The scientific article should contain the following essential elements:

  • problem statement in general terms and connection with important scientific or practical tasks; relevance of the topic;
  • historiography of the issue, analysis of recent research and publications in which the solution to this problem was initiated and is referred to by the author, highliting previously unsolved parts of the general problem on which the article is focused;
  • formulation of goals (objective) of the article, problem statement;
  • an outline of the main research material with a full substantiation of the scientific results obtained;
  • conclusion and prospects of further research in this direction.

Setting of the article structural elements:

UDC (in the upper left corner);

name, surname of the author (authors) (on the right, in Ukrainian);

academic rank, scientific degree, position, E-mail, ORCID, Researcher ID, place of employment, postal address of the institution (on the right, in Ukrainian);

title of the article (capital letters, centered, in Ukrainian);

abstract of the article (in Ukrainian, the length is not less than 1800 characters without spaces, including keywords);

keywords (in Ukrainian, 6-8 words);

name, surname of the author (authors) (on the right, in English);

academic rank, scientific degree, position, E-mail, ORCID, Researcher ID, place of employment, postal address of the institution (on the right, in English);

title of the article (capital letters, centered, in English);

abstract of the article (in English, the length is not less than 1800 characters without spaces, including keywords);

keywords (6-8 words in English);

article text in original language;



The abstract of the article should be structured. Be sure to include the objective of the study and the methods applied (research methodology) and the main findings. The abstract of the article should be informative (it should not contain general phrases), content-related (should reflect the main content of the article and research results); logical (logical representation of the article results).

Obligatory requirement for articles is quality, high level of the English translation.

Technical requirements for the design of the article.

Margins are all 2 cm. Microsoft Word. Font: TimesNewRoman, size 14 pt., spacing – 1.5. Text is typed without hyphenation.

Concerning characters: the quotation marks of the «» type should be used in the text, the dash is a short dash: «–». You do not need to put extra spaces, especially in front of brackets, as well as in them. To prevent this, you need to use the "Unprintable Signs" feature.

Tables in the text should be designed in Excel or Word without filling. Figures designed in Word should be grouped and represent one graphic object. All illustrations should be presented in black and white or in grayscale colours, other methods of filling can be applied (texture filling).

References layout.

The references to the sources in the text are provided in the footnotes.

The list of used sources and literature is designed in accordance with the requirements of «national standard 8302: 2015. Bibliographic links. General terms and conditions of drafting», which came into force on July 01, 2016. We do not allow submiting several sources under one item in the list of literature. The layout of the referred sources in the list should be in alphabetical order.

References are made according to the APA standard.

For transliteration of Ukrainian text into Latin, free site is used: http://www.slovnyk.ua/services/translit.php (select American version); for transliteration of Russian text, free site http://fotosav.ru/services/transliteration.aspx is used.

It is important to remember that in foreign databases, a simple transliteration of the name of a source without its translation into English does not make sense.

Articles whose authors do not have a scientific degree should be additionally provided with a review of the Candidate or Doctor of Sciences in the field of publication or an extract of the minutes of the meeting of the department (division) with the recommendation of the article to the published. A review or an extract of the minutes is submitted in the original or in a scanned form by e-mail.

The authors of the materials are responsible for the content, accuracy of the submitted facts, quotations, numbers and surnames. The editorial board reserves the right to edit and cut, as well as literary correct the article (preserving the main conclusions and style of the author). The editorial board may not share the ideological beliefs of the authors.

It is important for the author of the article to use the only version of transliteration of his/her surname and name. In this way, he/she avoids the creation of several profiles (identifiers) in science-based databases, and his/her scientific achievements will be taken into account more fully within the same profile. The same requirements are put forward before the author submits his/her scientific status and the name of the organization in which he/she works or conducts scientific research.

Conditions for obtaining the author's copy of the journal of scientific articles

Delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta at the expense of the author.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party. More detailed on page Privacy Statement.