Aims and Scope

The main concept of the publication is to provide the opportunity for all members of the scientific community to publish the results of their own research.

The concept of the journal is based on the multifaceted scientific, professional coverage of topical issues of numismatics and other special branches of historical science.

Aims of the journal:

  • display of the results of scientific and practical research, experimental activities of the national and foreign scientists of the corresponding branch of science;
  • provision of the “platform” for scientific discussions, exchange of views on relevant issues of numismatics;
  • familiarization of the community with the research results of university teaching staff, employees of research and museum institutions, research of postgraduates, applicants for scientific degree and doctoral students;
  • creation of a scientific product that would qualitatively present Ukrainian numismatic studies and their results in Europe and in the world;
  • consolidation of the scientific community.

The issue of the journal is characterized by a wide range of important theoretical-methodological and practical problems of numismatics and other special branches of historical science. The journal includes articles on issues of numismatics, bonistics, phallerism, sphragistics, history of economic thought, historiography, source studies, intellectual studies, biographies of well-known numismatists and numismatic societies, historiographical and ethnographic studies, published sources, reviews, initiations, announcements, etc.

The traditional sections of the journal are “Articles”, “Reviews of the Conference”, “Reviews”, “Events”.