• Андрій Бойко-Гагарін
Keywords: Key words: newspapers, coin counterfeiting, money falsifying, forgeries, the sources of study.


This article tells about and analyzes the evidences from the Ukrainian periodical newspapers concerning the coin counterfeiting. Determined the potential of the newspapers as the source of research of the aspect of coin counterfeit in the end of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries. Nowadays the fund of the newspapers in the National V.I. Verdanskiy library of Ukraine counts more than 200.000 year issues sets. The domestic researches have highly appreciated the potential of the use of the materials of the newspapers in lots of the directions of the historical researches like the questions of the insurgent movement, economics problems and the aspects of the special branches of the historical science. The main disadvantage of the published information in newspapers is often it’s incompleteness and superficial reflection. Often the materials consist the wrong and false information also with the use of the «black PR» technologies. The reason is in the main focus of the newspapers publications in the investigated period – the widening of the information among the public giving it in the available and understandable view without looking into details (often so important for the modern researchers) and missing the deep knowledge about the special branches of the human life, escaping the outsourcing to the professionals. That’s why the most of the newspaper periodical publications need the rectification with the use of the additional data of the state archives. Below we cite the most interesting examples of the newspapers publications that demonstrate the different aspects of the money counterfeiting. Investigated materials geographically cover the territory of the Central and Eastern Europe while other newspapers publications can belong to any state in the world. The used data consists on the pages of the newspapers printed in Kyiv, L’viv, Poltava, Odesa, Kremenchug, Chernihiv, Ackerman, Gadyach and Valuiky. Fixed newspapers publications we have classified on the groups and cited the most interesting ones. Also we have selected the specific vocabulary according to the counterfeiters and the process of the forgery produce. Defined the main regions of the most often facts of the appearance of the forgery money in Russian and AustroHungarian empires, also located the potential centers of the illegal coin producing in Kyiv suburbs. Except the local money counterfeiters the newspapers tell about their «colleagues» abroad. Also known the facts of the arresting of the Russian Empire citizens who was running the counterfeit money produce far abroad. The old newspapers consists the data concerning the social status, age, professions and nationality of the counterfeiters.  The especially valuable are the newspapers evidences about the detecting and arrest of the factories which was producing the forgeries using the professional machinery equipment and technical facilities. During the WWI newspapers are often inform about the facts of the import of the forgery money on the territory of the Russian Empire from Germany as the economic diversion on the state level. The newspapers also were publishing the materials over the criminalistics investigation of the counterfeiters and some recommendations to the public how to determine the forgery.  Widely represented the descriptions of the forgery coins and banknotes also with the details of the technologies of its produce. Among the newspapers publications we have find the evidence about the existing of the professional expertize in the Russian Empire and the protection technologies used by the banks in AustroHungary. In the difficult period of the Ukrainian Revolution in 1917-1921 the newspapers pages can consist the wrong information about the Ukrainian money, calling them a fake, which is caused by the try of discrimination of the Ukraine’s independence and the whole idea of development of the national state. Extremely interesting are the data about the court verdicts and judgment over the money counterfeiters. According to the facts of the absence of the coincidences among the newspapers data and the state archive materials and examples of the counterfeit coins and banknotes in the museums and private collections in Ukraine, we assume some publications in the periodical press (especially with the lack of details and with generalizing character) can be wrong or false and have been published with the purpose of the filling the issue
with the interesting facts. The evidences about the used by counterfeiters technical devices for the forgery production are rather useful for the modern researchers and also will be helpful in identifying and the research of the private forgeries in the museum and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. So we can make a conclusion that the newspapers publication are the weighty and valuable historical source which effectively adds the knows data with the new data about the money counterfeiting in the end of XIX – the beginning the XX century and can be rather useful for the modern scientists for the investigating the forgeries of the coins and banknotes in the museum and private collections. The perspective of the future research we see the detecting and publishing the newspapers data over the money counterfeit in the library funds of the neighboring countries and also the rectification the known data from newspapers with the information in the state archives. We also see relevant the creation of the general publication of the newspapers material concerning the history of the monetary circulation, economics history and the special branches of the historical science that will be useful for the researchers like in Ukraine and in whole other world. 
whole other world.


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Андрій Бойко-Гагарін

Dr. Andrii Boiko-Gagarin
PhD, leading researcher
sector of numismatics, faleristics, medals and
National museum of history of Ukraine
(Kiyv, Ukraine)

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