• Victor Kotsur Academician (the real member) of the Academy of the Educational Sciences, Doctor of History (Dr. habil.), Professor. Rector of the Gregory Skovoroda University in Pereyaslav (Pereyaslav, Ukraine)
Keywords: NHER «Pereyaslav», numismatic collections, archeological researches, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, «yefimok with signs», money counterfeits, «dukach» as the closes adornment.


The aim of the study is to introduce into the scientific circulation of the materials of the numismatic collection of NHER «Pereyaslav», to study it’s structure and to identify the most interesting samples in the context of the history of Pereyaslav region coin. Research methodology. In the process of scientific study of the collection of the museum were used generally scientific methods: analytical, illustrative, chronological, typological, as well as source methods: critical, metrological and iconographic. The scientific novelty is in the first comprehensive study of the entire numismatic collection of the reservation that has been introduced into scientific circulation, as well as the data of the archeological finds of the Pereyaslav Region that have been included in the museum. The catalog (inventory list) published

in the article will serve as an additional source for the researchers of the history of money circulation in Kyiv region.
The Conclusions. In the conditions of active distribution of the so-called «black archeology» with low reliability and often doubtfulness of the received data, with limited possibility of use in the numismatic researches, actual for modern numismatic science is the introduction into the scientific circulation and research of the museum collections. The numismatic collection of the museum was investigated quite fragmentarily: the researchers introduced counterfeit coins of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the traditional women’s jewelry «dukach», and the staff of the archaeological expedition of the museum regularly published the results of searches for perehodlavlav. The numismatics collection has more than 12,000 coins from the Roman Empire to the XX century. Some of the numismatics items are displaying in the exposition at the reserve’s premises. Coins of the XVII-XVIII centuries, minted in Western Europe, Commonwealth and Muscovy are on display in the Museum Department of the Covenant.
During the last 20 years, the museum was receiving coins excavated by archaeologists in Pereyaslav: ancient coins of the Roman Empire, coins of the Kyiv principality, Byzantium and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and it’s vassal lands in the XVII century. The numismatic collection contains 47 thalers of Western Europe, which fully correspond to the specifics of the circulation of the region. The decoration of the museum collection is «efimok with signs» minted during the reform of Alexei Mikhailovich in 1655. A considerable part of the collection are the coins of the Russian Empire. The greatly interesting are the coins of Peter the Great – altinas, hryvnia, rare poltina and ruble of the ruler. Decorated with detailed portraits of the Russian Empresses Anna Ioannivna and Catherine the Great and the silver rubles of the 1730s are also presented in the museum’s collection. Common on the Right Bank were coins minted in the Kingdoms of Poland at the Mint in Warsaw, which during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I had double denominations in rubles, kopecks, zloty and grosz. The museum’s collection presents the rare ¾ rubles / 5 zloty coin minted in 1838. In addition to circulating coins, the Alexander III coins also preserved by commemorative rubles, issued in honor of the emperor’s coronation in 1883.
Most of the Russian imperial coins in the museum collection were minted during the reign of the last emperor of the Romanov dynasty - Nicholas II, combining practically the entire nominal series of copper and silver coins. In the special inventory book was mistakenly entered a coin that, according to the results of the research, did not show the content of precious metals. It is highly probable that this is a product of a counterfeiters being made for the purpose of treat. The museum’s collection contains 70 ducachs originating from the ethnographic zone of the Middle Dnieper region (Poltava, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Kyiv regions), the products can be dated to the end of XVIII – the beginning of XX century.
The collection contains also several treasures. This are the treasure of one and a half grosz (poltorak) of Sigismund III Vasa in the amount of 291 coins, and the treasure of the wire kopecks of the Moscow Kingdom of the time of Peter I the Great in the amount of 265 pieces. The most recent coins kept in the collection are the coins of the Soviet Union. For the most part, these are the silver shades of the RSFSR of the sample of 1921-1922, the ruble of 1921, and also minted during the NEP the «blacksmiths» type of 1924–1927.
As the prospects of further research we see the introduction into the scientidic circulation of new additions to the numismatic collection, as well as to study and introduce into the circulation materials from collections of numismatics of other museums in Ukraine. In addition to the numismatics items, the museum’s stockpile also houses items of phaleristics: awards, medals and insignia, which also require a separate detailed study.


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