Editorial Policy

Readers are provided with access to high-quality journal materials

“The Ukrainian Numismatic Annual” is an open access publication. This means that all of its content is in a free, free-of-charge access for users. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to full articles in this journal without requesting permission from the publisher or author. The above corresponds to the definition of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) for open access. Copyrights for printed materials are retained by the authors. The author bears full responsibility for the content of the printed article and the reliability of the results presented therein.

Orientation to the coverage of a wide range of issues of historical science

The objective of the journal is to promote the publication of the results of scientific researches by leading scientists, post-graduates, doctoral students and applicants for scientific degrees and academic titles. The disclosure of this objective ensures coordination of fundamental scientific research of specialists and promotes their actualization. The results of scientific research, review articles, discussion materials, reviews in various fields of historical science are published in the Journal.

Support for ongoing publication activity

The priority of the journal is to ensure a constant regularity of the release of new issues (issued regularly in December of the current year).

Encouraging printing high-quality publications and supporting the model of exemplary scientific ethics in publications.

The journal supports basic ethical requirements for the scientific publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). These requirements establish the basic rules of conduct and responsibilities of members of any professional scientific community in relation to each other and to the public. They also ensure the right of each author to intellectual property. All persons involved in the publication process (editors, authors, and reviewers) should be guided by the principles of ethics in scientific publications. The editorial board and reviewers of the Ukrainian Numismatic Annual review, without bias, all manuscripts submitted for publication, evaluating everyone properly, regardless of race, religion, nationality, and place of work of the author.

Ensuring the quality of printed articles with an effective tool for their review and selection

The rules for the preparation of articles for the publication provide the opportunity to print articles to any scientist in the event of their compliance with the quality requirements of materials. Only actual articles that contain elements of scientific novelty and of practical significance are accepted for publication. The purpose of the procedure for controlling the articles adopted for publication is to: ensure the compliance of the materials with the requirements of the scientific style of presentation; stimulation of a more responsible attitude of the authors of the publication to the novelty of the presented materials and the objectivity of the citation; to achieve high level of curiosity of printed materials for the national and world scientific community.

The orientation of the interaction of the authors with the editorial board on the improvement of the quality of the articles submitted for publication.

The review procedure involves working with internal experts of the journal that are recognized experts in the relevant field of knowledge. For this purpose, in addition to the members of the editorial board, the journal collaborates with a wide range of scholars. The article is accepted for publication only after its discussion at the meeting of the editorial board of the journal with a positive expert review and support of the majority of the members of the editorial board who are experts in the same field of knowledge as the author of the article. A fully prepared journal issue is considered and recommended by the decision of the Academic Council of Hryhoriy Skovoroda Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University. In the case of a substantiated refusal, the review and decision of the editorial board are given to the authors in writing, enabling him/her to revise the article or substitute it with other material.

Fighting biased quotes

When adopting materials for consideration, specialized software products are used that determine the percentage of uniqueness of the author's text. Their results will be delivered to the editorial board when determining whether to accept the article for publication.

Priority of entering articles into the world information sphere

The journal publishes innovative (exclusive) articles in Ukrainian, Russian (for non-residents of Ukraine), Polish, German and English (by the author's choice), not intended for publication in other editions. In order to provide the scientific community access to the authors' work, the texts of articles are posted on the site of the publication and work is done on their inclusion in bibliographic and abstract databases.