Plagiarism policy

The Journal "Ukrainian Numismatic Annual" accepts only original materials, articles that have not been published before and were not submitted for publication in other journal.

To find out text borrowing in the presented manuscripts, the editorial board applies the following software programmes: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, eTXT. Manuscripts that have plagiarism or text borrowing without references to the original source are rejected by the editorial board in order to further clarify the causes and circumstances of borrowing.

Plagiarism before publication. The editorial board of the journal analyzes any case of plagiarism as such. If plagiarism or text borrowing is detected by editors or reviewers at any stage before publication of the manuscript, the author(s) is warned of the need to find out whether the plagiarism discovered is indeed borrowed by the author, or vice versa - it belongs to the author as his property but borrowed from another person and published, that is, for a peer-reviewed article, is not a plagiarism. If this is not the case, the author is asked to rewrite the text or make a reference to his original source. If the plagiarism is more than 15%, the article may be rejected.

Plagiarism Validation Policy. Manuscripts in which plagiarism was detected is estimated on the basis of the plagiarism available in the manuscript: if the plagiarism is less than 15%, the manuscript is immediately sent to the authors for refinement of the content. Authors are encouraged to review text borrowings and plagiarized manuscripts and reapply in a new version of the manuscript. If more than 15% of plagiarism, the manuscript is rejected without editorial review.

The percentage of plagiarism is calculated using the software, and is also assessed by the editorial board.

Plagiarism after publication. If plagiarism is discovered after the publication, the editorial board will carry out an analysis of this fact. Pages containing plagiarism will be flagged in a PDF. Due to the scale of plagiarism, the document will be revoked (deleted).

Recommendations to authors to avoid plagiarism:

  • Use quotation marks for words and phrases taken from source sentences.
  • Do not change parts of the quotation within the sentence.
  • Use the space and three periods of the part you removed to quote.
  • Use brackets for your own words added by you.
  • Limit the use of direct quotations. Use analysed articles to reproduce the views of the author.
  • Try to paraphrase information or summarize information from different sources using synonyms.